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London – Laurel County is a Hunter’s & Fisherman’s Paradise

London – Laurel County is host to a plethora of hunting and fishing opportunities. Whether you like to bow hunt for whitetail deer or wait patiently for wild turkey from your carefully crafted blind… London – Laurel County has it all. In addition to hunting, our lakes, rivers and streams are teeming with fish including, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, channel catfish, black crappie, white crappie, walleye, rainbow trout, brown trout, bluegill and more!


Be sure to check out the hunting and fishing resources we’ve provided below for more information about all that London – Laurel County has to offer.

Fishing at Laurel River Lake

The lush tree-lined shores and deep rocky terrain allows for a successful year-round fishing season for Laurel River Lake. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources continually monitors fishing environments, as well as stocking the waters annually with several species for sport fishing. Laurel River Lake currently holds record catches for the Northern Pike and Small Mouth Bass. Fishing license can be purchased at either Holly Bay Marina, Grove Marina, or locally owned fueling and bait stores.


Laurel River Lake offers shallow brush, deep shoulder, man-made structure, and cove fishing to entertain a variety of species of freshwater fish. The deep waters and underwater vegatation allow for fishing from the coldest to warmest months of the year. Fishing for black bass, rainbow trout, walleye, crappie, blue gill and catfish is excellent. Night fishing for trout is also popular during the summer months. The Department of Fish and Wildlife provides annual reports of expected fishing conditions to allow for planning a successful trip.


The best fishing can be had during a light rain or low-ceiling overcast days. The clear waters of Laurel Lake make it difficult to catch large trophy fish during the summer months, and bright sunny days. The best time for the largest catch is early in the spring and later in the fall. The Lake has already produced some of the largest smallmouth bass in the state! Fish around the underbrush and mid-lake underwater rock formed islands to hook-up to either the the well known smallmouth bass or Kentucky spotted bass. You’ll want to use baits that mimic local smallmouth prey. The pearl grub is one of the local favorites for imitating the threadfin shad. Smallmouth also feed on crayfish, gizzard shad, and even alewives. Although the lake can be a challenge, it has continuted to produce smallmouth that are easily over 6lbs. We like to consider Laurel River Lake as a quality producing lake, rather than a quatinty lake. Since you may not catch your total limit, but the fish you do catch are usually monsters! Come out and beat your personal record for smallmouth at Laurel Lake!


Phone: 606-878-6900 or 800-348-0095

Fishing at Wood Creek Lake

Considered one of Kentucky’s best kept secrets and home of the state record largemouth bass, weighing in at an incredible 13 pounds 10 ounces! One of the smaller lakes in Kentucky, Wood Creek Lake harbors many species of trophy fish including trout, crappie, catfish, bass, and panfish. Even though it is only 625 acres of open water, anglers often find that the shallow waters and natural vegetation provide great fishing opportunity.


The lake is available for public access with a low rise boat ramp and local bait shops to provide a seamless fishing experience. Locals find that night fishing for catfish won’t leave you going home empty handed. Since it is not a widely known tourist attraction, the waters are often smooth as glass, with only an occasional fisherman passing by. If you are planning an overnight stay, the lake offers several rental sites including cabins on the waterfront.


The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) fisheries biologists have sampled Wood Creek Lake each spring for some time. In 2004, the KDFWR began sampling the lake in the fall. Biologists complete their fishing survey on bass in the fall to get an indication of the spring’s year-class.


Largemouth bass really relate to the thermocline during summer and will usually hover just above it. Anglers can have the best success by fishing right above the thermocline, which probably will be somewhere around 15 feet deep at this time of year. There are two arms at the upper end of Wood Creek Lake. One starts near the boat dock. There is a lot of timber in these arms and bass can usually be found close to this and other woody structure.


Anglers can usually find bass much shallower during the early-morning hours. As the sun intensifies and penetrates the water, bass will move deeper. Many anglers switch to night-fishing at Wood Creek Lake during the hottest time of the year. Spinnerbaits and plastic worms are favorite choices in and around the timber and woody structure. Deep- water anglers will often throw crankbaits that resemble shad. The main forage base for largemouth bass at Wood Creek is gizzard shad.


Although largemouth bass are the most prevalent, there is also a small population of smallmouths in the lake as well. The density of smallmouths at Wood Creek is fairly low, but usually those fish caught are of decent size. It’s not uncommon for seasoned anglers to hook smallmouths here in the 18- to 20-inch range.


Phone: 1- 800-858-1549

Hunting at Cane Creek WMA

This vast wildlife management area is actually located within the Daniel Boone National Forest. Covering over 6,000 acres, Cane Creek WMA is mostly steep, hilly terrain. The WMA is open to statewide hunting regulations, and hunters usually hunt for whitetail deer, wild turkey, squirrel & some other small game.


Phone: 606-864-4163

Full Draw 3-D Archery Range

Full Draw 3D Archery Range is located at 7485 Somerset Rd in London, Kentucky. The range consists of twenty McKenzie 3D targets, and is set up in more of a hunting type shooting situation rather than the normal 3D competition course. Some targets on the range offer a tree stand setting where the shooter is able to shoot from an elevated platform. There are also two moving targets, shots crossing small hollows as well as shooting across open fields, but most are in the woods.


If you want to brush up on your archery skills for the upcoming hunting season, or just practice for one of the many tournaments offered at Full Draw throughout the year, then this is the place for you. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you on the range sometime between Mar.1st and Oct. 31st


Phone: 606-682-9539

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