Motorcycle Riding

Beautiful Scenery & Winding Roads Make London – Laurel County A Motorcycle Destination

There’s nothing better enjoying a beautiful day on your motorcycle, enjoy exciting turns and curves, while surrounded by stunning scenery. If the open road is calling, visit London – Laurel County and see everything we have to offer. In addition to our beautiful view and well-maintained motorcycle ride routes, London is also home to Wildcat Harley-Davidson. They offer a wide selection of motorcycles, accessories and clothing and regularly organized motorcycle rides and events.


Be sure to check out the resources we’ve provided below for more information about all that London – Laurel County has to offer.

Route 1 | Daniel Boone National Forest Route

This 100 mile route leaves London and follows HWY 192 to the Daniel Boone National Forest and Laurel River Lake. About 70% of this route is within the National Forest.

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Route 2 | Route of Parks

Visit the very first KFC and the KFC Museum. This 182 mile route will go through Cumberland Falls State Park, Pine Mountain State Park, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, and Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park. This route has 3 mountain climbs, two of which are optional.

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Route 3 | Coal Country Route

Enjoy a 218 mile ride and tour an underground mine. Visit Pine Mountain State Park and Kingdom Come State Park. Climb four mountains, including the highest peak in Kentucky.

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Route 4 | Big Red Route

This 92 miles ride is a very scenic route with lots of rural roads. About five miles of Hazel Patch Road has broken and chewed up pavement.

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Route 5 | Green Monster

This 65 mile route is much like the Big Red Route, but with a couple of shortcuts that shorten the ride to 65 miles. If you are looking for a shorter day in the saddle, but with lots of beautiful scenery and country roads, this could be the route for you.

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Route 6 | Bee Rock from Wildcat HD

You will see rolling hills, farms, and grazing land. This 61.8 mile route takes you to the Rockcastle River where you can stop and rest on the Sublimity Bridge and read a little history about the area. Watch the water for Gar—a large and unusual fish.

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Route 7 | Cleft Rock/Rockcastle River Roundabout

You will see lots of rolling hills, a few twisties, and cliffs with great views of the River Valley as you travel down to the Rockcastle River on this 87 mile ride.

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Route 8 | Mine Portal 31

Kentucky’s first exhibition coal mine museum. Portal 31 Tour: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Museum Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, 1 pm to 4 pm. Admission: $6 adults/$3 students and children. 196 miles.

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Route 9 | Bardstown Ride

Enjoy this 210.1 mile ride to Bardstown, Kentucky.

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Route 10 | Sublimity Bridge Ride

Enjoy this 61.6 mile ride to the Sublimity Bridge in the Bee Rock Recreation Area.

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Route 11 | Red River Gorge

Enjoy this 169.9 mile ride to the Red River Gorge.

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