Finding Bigfoot in the Bluegrass

Finding Bigfoot in the Bluegrass

The Bluegrass State and Bigfoot

The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization to London, Kentucky. Venturing the forests on expeditions dedicated to locate the mythical creature: Bigfoot has increased over the years. People are wanting to learn more about this creature.  Are you a Bigfoot believer, knower, enthusiast, skeptic, or simply curious? Join Charlie Raymond, founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization & investigator, for a discussion of his research of Bigfoots in Kentucky. Fantastic evidence will be on display! Listen to other witnesses and/or share your encounter. Dinner will be provided from Little Caesar’s Pizza.


Let’s Go Squatchin’

After the presentation we will go on an exhilarating Bigfoot Hunt. We will tree knock, whistles, whoops, howls and other creative strategies to elicit an interaction! KBRO has a thermal image equipment for everyone to use. Along the way, Charlie Raymond will share his research techniques and creepy Bigfoot stories from this area and Kentucky.



Purchase your Tickets

Interested to learn more about Kentucky Bigfoot sightings and have some delicious pizza dinner? Or Do you only want to show off your Bigfoot searching skills? Or you want to do both. Not a problem, there are tickets for all of those options. Click here to reserve your spot. Limited spots for the bigfoot excursion. Tickets are available for the presentation/dinner or hunt or both


May be an image of 10 people, people standing and outdoors


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