Hometown Tourist

Hometown Tourist

Since March of 2020 every community has became a “Hometown Tourist” in their neck of the woods. For weeks individuals and families have adventured in their own backyard searching safely for entertainment during the COVID 19 pandemic. Most seekers found out that London, Kentucky is an excellent resource for outdoor adventures that include parks, trails, lakes, rivers, ect. TripAdvisor has even noticed an increase in searches for KENTUCKY.

During the pandemic, London Locals have been experiencing reasons why we are a wonderful destination for outdoor adventure. You can escape into the Daniel Boone National Forest yet be close to home. As we slowly and safely open back up to welcome guests back to our town, I encourage you to share on social media in shed positive light on the wonderful attractions, accommodations, and restaurants we have to offer in southeastern Kentucky.

Share this Blog and tell us the wonderful things you did as a Hometown Tourist in your area.

Photo Credit Jacob Rayburn

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