McHargue Family Descendants

McHargue Family Descendants

London Kentucky had special visitors on Friday August the 12th. A mother daughter duo all the way from Independence, Missouri. The Mother, Wanita wanted to celebrate her 83rd birthday by visiting the place her ancestors were from. Wanita is a Descendant of the McHargue Family. We were thrilled to meet someone from 700 miles away who had traced their lineage not only back to the McHargue family but back to London, KY. Wanita and her daughter stopped into the tourism center to get directions to their next location but were met with people who could give them a road map to all the places they could find a footprint the family had left on this town.

One of places they visited was the McHargue Mill in Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park. McHargue’s Mill is a reproduction working watermill with authentic interior works. It was built on the banks of the Little Laurel River by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939. Outside the mill is a large display of millstones. The working stones in the mill were brought over the Wilderness Road in 1805. Fresh ground corn meal can be purchased by visitors since it is one of the very few mills that are still in production.

In addition to the mill while in the park they saw the Life Museum. The Life Museum is a park attraction that brings visitors into a pioneer settlement. The museum consists of 7 buildings.  The Buildings in the settlement were moved from other sites or built as replicas on the park! All buildings are filled with lots of pioneer relics including tools, products of agriculture and household implements.

So whether you’re wanting to learn about family history, like wanita, or want to know more about the county’s facinating past come see us.  we invite you to stop by and let us direct you to places like the Historical Society that can help you travel back in time!

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