Top 10 Best Escape Rooms in Kentucky

Top 10 Best Escape Rooms in Kentucky

Ready for a clue to your next adventure? Many people are buzzing about the newest form of entertainment… Escape Rooms.  So, let’s start with the question we are always asked, “What is an escape room?” An escape room is an immersive game that takes place inside of a themed room. The players inside the room discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in order to fulfill a specific goal in a limited amount of time. Conveniently located on Interstate I-75, Exit 38 and Exit 29 have two different locations to discover your next adventure.

CSI:  London, Kentucky

Exit 38 Can You Escape, London KY
Two men entered the upstairs VIP Lounge of a local Mafia club to rob the joint. After all of the shots were fired, everyone in the room was killed, including one of the intruders. Everyone except for the man who escaped. Your job is to examine the crime scene to figure out which body in the room is the second shooter, and also identify the man who got away. Detectives are on the case, but the Mafia family would like to handle things their own way. They have secured an envelope containing top secret evidence, and have left this for you and your team. They have informed you of a 60 minute window when the premises will be unguarded by police. This is your time to find clues and examine the evidence in order to positively identify the killers.


Exit 29 The Great Escape, Corbin KY
This room is a thrilling crowd favorite, designed to challenge those who dare to enter. Your friend goes missing in the midst of mysterious disappearances taking place in the woods of Laurel County.  As you’re group is looking for him, you are kidnapped and taken to a cabin deep in the woods, where it looks like your friend has also visited… Can you escape before the psycho returns?


The trend in Escape Rooms has been on the rise for over the past several years. It is a great way for couples, families and businesses team building groups to make an adventure. You are certain to have a blast while making lots of memories.

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